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Remove unpredictability from achieving great business outcomes
How It WorkS

The path of digital transformation can be challenging.

Mistakes can be costly and, sometimes, poor outcomes are only visible at handover. After serving major clients and projects. We know what works and what doesn't.

At Delos, our client's success is equivalent to our success.


The discovery process is vital in understanding the needs and pain points of your business, which ultimately leads to the development of tailored solutions that truly address those issues. We strongly recommend this phase for all client engagements unless strategic stakeholders have produced the solution design.


We empower clients to make informed decisions by removing blind spots. Insights are given into how solution design choices will lead to tradeoffs and implications for their business. Also, mitigation steps will be advised and highlighted to teams accordingly.


Projects, grounded in reality, have constraints such as budget, timeline, resources and more. Focusing on the greatest needs will ensure our features & solutions will deliver the greatest business value. Via close collaboration, our advisory services help clients to prioritize and provide the best return on investment.


All solutions are built based on assumptions about what your business needs. If wrong, this can lead to costly mistakes, wasted effort and worst of all, a solution that doesn't meet business needs. A key part of our consulting process is to verify and quickly test these assumptions.

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